2018 Meetings

7:00 Meet & Greet

7:30 Meeting & Program

Meetings are held at the Missouri Botanical Gardens in the Beaumont Room or CBEC Room 125 if noted.

4344 Shaw Blvd, St Louis, MO 63110

Meetings that have a follow up workshop will be marked with a "*" and they are typically held the following weekend at Cass Bonsai Gardens in Edwardsville IL

Be sure to look for club workshops under Events

* February 6th - Repotting, Potting and Soil - Sean M. 

* March 6th    - Root Over Rock Bonsai - Jesse G

* April 3rd    - Landscape Planting/Saikei - Glenn P

* May 1st      - Zelkova Forest and Broom Development - Bill K and Jeff R. 

* June 5th     - Black Pine and Juniper Maintenance - Manasseh B and Bill K  (Meeting in CBEC room 125 at the corner of Shaw and Kingshighway)

* July 3rd     - Tropical Bonsai Critique - Bring a tree - Brian C  (Meeting in CBEC room 125 at the corner of Shaw and Kingshighway)

August 7th     - Propagation Success - Tim H (Meeting in CBEC room 126 and 127 at the corner of Shaw and Kingshighway)

September 11th - Introduction to Bonsai, Q and A, and Show and Tell - Sean M (Meeting will be in Missouri and Botanical Rooms - Attached to Beaumont Room.)

October 2nd    - Club Auction - 6:30 Start Time - Brian C and Jeff R  

* November 6th - Satsuki Azalea Care and Maintenance - Andrew R

November 13th at 6:30   2019 Planning Meeting (open to all members)